The Awakening Prajna Team is dedicated to cultivating feminine leadership and authentically living in care of ourselves, each other, and mother earth.

Prajna, MA

Awakening Prajna Founder

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Prajna is a medicine woman, therapist, and dharma teacher. Her privilege to receive indigenous medicine and ancient wisdom teachings through her own practice in life has sanctified her with treasured gifts. Her work has ancient roots informed through her personal healing and direct experience in multiple dimensions. “My greatest joy is the facilitation of the ‘open—heart human clinic.’ This is a safe playground of vulnerability, tenderness and utter compassion where the deepest cuts in our humanity may heal. At this time in life, I feel nothing more meaningful or satisfying than the important work of dharma; healing our humanity, our earth, and listening to the intelligence in all of life.”

Prajna is especially appreciated for her clear seeing, unabated compassion and contagious humor.

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Retreat Booking Manager

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I have been working as Prajna’s booking manager for over a year. Through interacting with Prajna’s clients, I have personally witnessed the healing and evolutionary potential of Prajna’s work.

I am enthusiastic to support this kickass feminine leadership team with my editing, web design, and organizational skills. I am Prajna’s oldest daughter.


Retreat Assistant and Shiatsu Therapist

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My journey with Prajna began in 2016 when I met her at a Satsang. I then continued to work with her as I felt resonance and freedom in my body from her presence. At first, I faced a lot of fear within myself and Prajna held me in safety. I realized that I had held so much from my past that was manifesting into health problems such as candida. This work allowed me to reconnect more deeply with my children, my husband and in my work with clients. I feel clearer with a deep sense of self-worth. My needs had been fully met. For anyone considering journeying with Prajna, you will have no regrets. She has the strength, sensitivity and wisdom of a wise soul who will hold you through whatever needs to be met.

I look forward to welcoming and supporting you! 



Retreat Assistant and Sanctuary Angel

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“COME IN AND DOWN.” These were the words that changed everything for me. It was my first meeting and meditation practice with Prajna. Suddenly it hit me: “Damn, I have not been IN and DOWN for many years.” The spiritual concept I had until that moment was to go up and out. The changes for me were huge. I left the male-oriented spiritual path. I had a greater YES to my life as a mother and a woman. I developed a real relationship with the earth and my body. The great gift of Prajna and her offerings are so dear and precious to me. Honoring life, the great SHE, the earth without getting lost. Enveloping the beauty of all form with love and stillness. Prajna, for me, is embodied movement and stillness, form and nothingness at the same time. She is my teacher, sister, and friend. I love her as a guide of truth.

I am honored to assist her on retreats and to support you on your journey home to yourself.


Retreat Assistant and Events Organizer

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I have been attending retreats with Prajna since 2017. I deeply value her and her work. After many years on a path of healing and spiritual practice, discovering the wisdom and deep healing capacity of sacred plants, earth-based indigenous practices and teachings, feels like a coming home. Prajna’s skillful integration of these with non-dual spiritual teachings, therapeutic expertise and a wise compassionate presence, continue to profoundly support my healing and growth. 

My experience has been of a depth of insight and healing that goes beyond any I have experienced before, interwoven to deepen our connection to earth and our spiritual nature. Prajna offers something very unique and special.

I feel happy and privileged to assist Prajna. And you on your journey!


Retreat Assistant and Shiatsu Therapist

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I first encountered Prajna’s work in 2017 and have regularly attended retreats and events since that time. Meeting these powerful plant teachers in a safe and dynamic space is profound and moving. This journey has helped me to move through many blockages. My work as an artist and facilitator, as well as my life with my family is greatly influenced and supported. This deeply informed indigenous way  of life has helped me access and embody authenticity, strength, and self-awareness.

  It is a great honor to be able to support your journey with these incredible teachers.


Retreat Assistant and Authentic Movement Facilitator

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My time with Prajna has been deeply transformational and has enriched my life in so many ways. I attended my first retreat in 2015 and felt so at ease, welcomed, seen and accepted. I find Prajna’s work to be both grounded and expansive and am grateful for the depth of embodiment I have experienced. I continue to grow and flourish with every retreat and love supporting others to thrive in my role as an assistant. It is an honor to be a part of Prajna’s team and work alongside such an authentic female spiritual teacher as well as her caring, clear, and skilled team members. We gather together in shared respect, connection and presence; in doing so we heal ourselves and the collective. This work continues to inform an integrated approach to my practice as a yoga and movement teacher, writer, and theatre practitioner.

I look forward to supporting you!


Retreat Assistant and Yoga Teacher

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Prajna’s work has helped me be comfortable with being myself. I have a sense of belonging in life that I never had before. Over the years working with her, painful beliefs about myself that held me back have gently fallen away. I am empowered to integrate this new way of being into my life fully with my children, work, and how I deal with challenges. Life changing events occur yet I am able to meet challenge with so much grace and love.

Through this work I have also gained a new community that feels like family! I have made the closest friends of my entire life who I feel completely supported and accepted by. Being part of this community helps me immensely in my day-to-day life. I always have someone to reach out to who understands me, the work I am doing, and my journey.

Prajna holds the most incredibly safe and supportive space for me to dive deep and empty out what has not been serving me and fill up with love and my true being.

Huge gratitude. I welcome you!


Retreat Assistant and Massage Therapist

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I began my journey with Prajna and sacred indigenous plants over four years ago. . My first retreat was monumental. It was life changing. The insight, deep healing and transformation is powerful, beautifully held and navigated. I am speechless when I witness so many individual and group limpias (healings). I signed up for my next one straight away and have never looked back.

I absolutely love assisting on retreats. My passion is healing work, personal growth and supporting others. Assisting Prajna feels like an honoring of my soul purpose; deeply rewarding and humbling. I learn so much every time. The way she holds safe, sacred space and her intimate relationship working with plants is a wonder to behold! And Prajna’s contagious humor brings such a light to the hoop. 

Through this work I connect to truth. Who I am. I feel a deep embodied connection to all of life — nature & humanity. I am happier, healthier and freer. I wholeheartedly encourage you to listen to the magic that brought you to this website.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

“The sacred plants went deep. I had profound realizations. Prajna provided the perfect maternal nurture. I have never had that in my life, precisely what I needed. What you are gifting to the world is profound.

Thank you to Abby, Greta, Alice and Jane. The team provided me with insights and examples of absolute honesty. What lovely souls. Each provided such kindness and support. I loved the humor. Love.” 

M.D. Retreat Participant  2018


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