Unleash Who You Are

Potent Meditations, Shamanic Healing Retreats &

Heart Wisdom for Awakening & Living Dharma 

Welcome, I’m Prajna and glad you are here. 

I’m not here to teach you. I’m here to love you. Love will teach you. 

My passion is uncovering—your intrinsic goodness, wholeness, love.

Are you living with emotional stress, trauma, fatigue or discontent?

Do you feel shut down, overwhelmed or lost in a struggle to get it right?

Are you ready for a life that feels juicy, whole and satisfying?

A life that is inspired by curiosity, open heartedness and truth?

A life that allows YOU to be YOU?

Through healing wisdom, plant medicine & dharma meditations,

I empower you to actualize who you are and a way of living that is

fierce, compassionate and deeply restful.  

“Prajna is a true friend in the vastness. May all beings benefit from her dharma.”


Unleash your courage, love and aliveness.

I’m glad you made it. One ordeal is over. Another one is on. A big one. Let’s continue this good work, living, evolving, meeting life — as it is.

We are at a crucial & exciting time in our collective evolution. Do you feel yourself aligning with your inner being — your call to satisfaction?

What is the great work of your life?

The juice of my medicine invites you to Wake Up, dismantle and live — Heart Wisdom — to embody who you are.

To be fully human, in a non-resistant, well resourced receptive—nourish all beings way. 

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My Offerings

Wherever you are in your journey, you belong here.

My work is trauma informed by four decades of personal healing traversing curative vocations, ancient wisdom traditions and mothering twins with disabilities. As a medicine woman, therapist, and meditation/dharma teacher, I am here to remind you that your life is sacred. 

I welcome you to love every part of who you are! 


Private Sessions

In vital presence, everything is welcome as a doorway to freedom. Together we untangledismantle & unpack painful conditioning. Transformation unfolds. Your gifts emerge. Self love & balance are restored. You are empowered to live as embodied love.

Powerful Retreats

Our retreats offer a rare fusion of sacred plant medicine, non-dual wisdom, potent meditations, somatic healing therapies for trauma resolution, and restoring joy & deep satisfaction. Join us for a day ceremony, weekend intensive, or deep immersion retreat. 

Meditation & Dharma

Access heartfelt presence,  dig deep, cultivate resilience & integrate ancient medicine teachings with heart wisdom.  When we resist nothing, our way is clear. Our hearts melt open. Our bodies shake alive. Energy arises from source. We stand grounded to meet & serve life.

“Prajna, I love the way you transmit direct experience. I am relaxing, tension loosening, body shaking, tears releasing in this deep interior, and then spreading of energy downwards to my legs and the base of my body. I felt directly met on so many levels.”

N.R. Participant Sebastopol, CA ’19

“After 15 years of therapy, I found a way to release. I found new hope. I was touched and overwhelmed. I am amazed by all of the beauty we carry inside of us. I now believe in my innocence.”

A.G. Retreat Participant ’19


Edge of Grace — A Fierce Awakening to Love

Edge of Grace shatters the illusion of a perfect state of enlightenment. This is a true uncensored story that rattles conceptual cages of transcendence and invites the full embrace of our humanity for meaningful engagement with life.


“There is magic in Prajna’s voice — the breathtaking honest telling of a dramatic human story. The moving, uplifting, cleansing, surging power that makes you feel you’ll never be the same again!”

 ~Sarah Tavner, BBC Documentary Producer